Journey Artwork is a professional photography service provider based in Jakarta.
With a combined experience of dealing directly with art, design, media, image composition, and color, our knowledge in the visual media adds value to the art of photography.
Performance photography services are not only professionally but also wholeheartedly serve you like a king and queen.
Attention to detail and color composition is very important for us to capture better pictures, and really captures the most important things in your life.
Entrusting all your moment to us for the results you want-want.
Because our business is you,''Photography is'' real '' and ''You are our passion''.

A professional photography for :
- Prewedding,
- Wedding documentation,
- Company Profile,
- Product,
- Architecture,
- Event documentation,
- Narcism,
- Group,
- etc

Journey Art Work, More Than You Think ..

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Phone / Whatsapp / LineĀ  : 628568553483